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vladislav delay / the four quarters / huume

Vladislav Delay is back full of soft, moody, gently cascading atmospheric bubbles with a hint of soul: ambient Luomo? Seriously, check track two, "The Second Quarter." All four of the 15-minute-long tracks are chock full of living, breathing-style arrangements. Another beautiful organic classic which has kept me happier than a pig in mud these last few days. Vladislav Delay is always highly recommended.
listen: the first quarter
listen: the fourth quarter

skugge & stavostrand / humla / onitor

Onitor has been dishing out the consistently soft and deep Traum meets Forcetracks jams. The collaboration of Sweden's Skugge & Stavostrand is a continuation of that tradition. Humla is an album of smooth, bouncy, and smart tracks.
listen: move, run, fly
listen: lonely at the k-mart

alex under / dispositivos de mi granja / trapez

Alex Under is the hottest new techno producer from Spain.
boomkat review
listen: download album

images in the sky
I love the simplicity of this idea, makes me want to do my own.

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